Medion Akoya E2212T: Aldi Laptop Review

A notebook / tablet combo for only 299 euros? From January 28, 2016 is available with the Medion Akoya E2212T such a device at Aldi for sale. this website has tested the Convertible.

Test Conclusion: What to know

299 euros are really not much for a notebook / tablet combo. But customers have cut back their claims something. Because the Medion Akoya E2212T is indeed a decent Convertible with an acceptable screen and a sufficient pace, but weak points are the lack of USB 3.0 sockets, the small memory and with 58.23 Gigabyte scarcely measured SSD storage. However, the Aldi notebook convinced with a long battery life. On top of that there is the software package Office 365 for one year now.


Ordinary image quality

Very long battery life

Small, lightweight design

screen detachable

Office 365 for 1 year free


Something slow pace

No USB 3.0 ports

Knapper SSD storage

Obsolete WLAN n standard

Test score of editors



W he constantly oscillates between tablet, notebook and classic desktop PC, comes ever ponder: Are really needed all these devices? Is not sufficient and a practical notebook / tablet combo? These so-called convertibles, the display can be removed to use the device as a tablet. If then Aldi offers from 28 January as part of Windows 10 for just 299 euros, quickly raises the question: Is it worth buying?

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Aldi will start 2016 with a bang: For just 299 euros there is the notebook / tablet combo Medion Akoya E2212T. Is that a bargain?

Medion Akoya E2212T: Aldi-Notebook in test

Handy screen

Notebook / tablet combos in this price range are rare – and rather poor equipped. So also the Akoya E2212T: The 11.6-inch screen (29.5 cm) shows the web pages, movies and Office -Dokumete with only 1366×768 pixels – a Full HD screen is not in this price range there. Nevertheless, the image quality in visual test was high, possibly disturbing the somewhat pale colors. Since there are no complicated locking mechanism, the display can easily detach from the keyboard. In the docked state considers it safe – there is no danger that the screen triggers unintentionally.

Medion Akoya E2212T: Product and detail photos

12 Product and detail photos

Medion Akoya E2212T View

As tablet quite heavy

Customers who use the screen without a keyboard, holding a 775 grams rather heavy Windows 10 tablet in hand. By comparison, Sony Tablet Xperia Z4 is only slightly smaller at 10.1 inches, but weighs only 393 grams. Who keeps the display longer with one hand, the high weight can clearly feel. On the other hand give the keyboard and stocked with all the equipment screen along a fairly lightweight notebook: 1,587 grams.

Weak drive

No power plant is the Atom Z3735, Intel has introduced two years ago. The quad-core processor clocked at a maximum of 1.33 GHz, it is assisted by a 2 Gigabyte not exactly lush memory. Peak performance can not be expected from this combination – were tested, many documents and Web pages opened, the pace broke a noticeably. For office machine but the performance offered just fine – in this price range even more.

These 66 programs are mandatory for notebooks

66 Tools

Free Starter Package

Long battery life

In the measurement of battery life, the Akoya hit better than many more expensive competitor: In Internet and office -Work it held by a whopping seven and a half hours, during video playback it was six hours and 47 minutes. These are very good values. Also good: Instead of a lame disk that Medion has a nimble SSD (type: eMMCHynix HCG8e) on board. However, she has little memory 58.23 gigabytes. Anyone who wants to connect an external hard drive for memory expansion, must be content with lame USB 2.0 sockets. The data transmission is accordingly with 35 megabytes per second – USB 3.0 port it will work three times as fast. All the same, thanks to the built card reader allows the memory also expand via microSD.

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