Medion Akoya P5330 E: Aldi-PC in the test

Test Conclusion: What to know

A richer gaming PC is the Medion Akoya P5330 not – that’s for 599 euros and not in it. But with his suit made nimble processor, fast memory, faster SSD and acceptable graphics card reached the Aldi-PC won a fast pace, also for DirectX 11 games. Class: All Networked he already goes via WLAN ac, on top of that it is relatively quiet and economical in power consumption.

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Very high work rate

High Games pace

SSD (119 GB) and hard drive (1.86 TB)

Keyboard and mouse in the package


upgrade options, restricted

Under full load, a bit noisy

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E in Gamer PC with Windows 10 for 599 euros? So anything goes? Apparently at Aldi: Since May 25, the Medion Akoya P5330 is available in 2,400 Aldi Nord stores. Whereby not only his price tag, but also be cross braves styling suggests rather a staid Schreibtischtäter. Blinking lights? Small fluorescent tubes that illuminate mean? Evil serrated fins? No. There are only large-area flat black Рsaid look fancier more than other Aldi PCs several years ago. What does the inner workings and how it looks with the computing and graphics performance, this website has examined: the Aldi-PC test!

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The Aldi PC Medion Akoya P5330 trumps with Skylake CPU, SSD and GTX 750 Ti. Whether it is also suitable as a gamer machine, showing the test.

Medion Akoya P5330: Aldi PC with gamers genes in test

Traditional hard drive …

Little spectacular falls from the front assembly with headset port, memory card reader and two USB 3.0 sockets. But behind it is interesting: Under the flap on the DVD burner, a hot-swap frame waiting for the lightning-fast retrofitting an additional hard drive. Whereby the Akoya no means an acute lack of memory suffers: The hard drive offers ample space for 1863 gigabyte images, video clips, music.

Medion Akoya P5330 E: Product and detail photos

20 Product and detail photos

Medion Akoya P5330 E all … and fast SSD

For Windows 10 starts quickly, the operating system is on a fast SSD – and because the 119 Gigabyte construed also fit one or more programs and games on it. But the fast SSD does not make a nimble PC, especially a computer for the discerning gamer needs a processor with plenty of power. And the has the Medion: serves as a motor midrange model Core i5 from Intel Skylake series, which are 8 gigabytes of memory of the fast type DDR4 aside.

Gambling? Not VR, but …

To the image reproduction, the discrete graphics card GeForce GTX 750 Ti. That takes care of this card is no longer cutting-edge, you can feel when playing. Manufacturer Nvidia has unveiled the GPU this card in February, 2014. In the test, its performance was not enough for smooth playback of 4K titles with 3840×2160 pixels as “Battlefield 4” or even for VR-games like “Elite Dangerous”.

Graphics card test: GTX 1080, 1070, RX 480, 460 & Co.

23 graphics cards

For the test results … DirectX 11

But who would expect from a 599-Euro-PC, probably also dreams of Porsche for Polo Award. That the Medion games in Full HD with 1920×1080 pixels sharp and with 51 frames per second is liquid, is certainly pretty good for this price range. Especially since the Akoya most demanding image processing rapidly done with Photoshop, to say nothing of simple office tasks.

Gear up? With obstacles …

The upgrade options are not the best: While there are inside a free bay for another hard disk or SSD, but the necessary data transfer SATA connector is missing. And one of the two available PCI Express slots, as for a TV card, will not be useful, because it blocked the graphics card. After all, the power supply offers a free 6-pin and 350 watts of power for retrofitting a stronger graphics card.

Test summary: SSD Leaderboard

123 SSDs

Leaderboard: 2.5-inch SSDs

Economical and quiet

The Aldi PC approved in an average of only 43 watts of power – that is a very good value for a PC this performance class. In normal operation, the Medion tinkers barely audible under the desk: The fan of the processor, graphics card, case, power supply remain pleasantly quiet with 0.6 Sone. Who gambles or edited video, she takes with 1.4 or 1 Sone meanwhile perceive quite clearly.