Microsoft Streetside: Cities Tour à la Google Street View

A Streetside vehicle with a 360-degree camera.

W ith Streetside explore user-selected cities without being there. Creating the photo material required as Google Street View special cars with mounted on the roof 360-degree camera. Take on attractions, interesting sites and areas. The partner Navteq (known as a supplier of Navi cards) helps in capturing the data.

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The search engine giant Google is before, during and been repeatedly accused by the introduction of Street View, violating privacy policy, a Aufreger followed the next (this website reported). The consequence: The panoramic Street View service has certain pixelated facades, license plates and faces are generally not recognizable. Here Microsoft takes a different route and already leads in advance discussions with the competent authorities – hitherto apparently positive. Microsoft promises to pay particular attention to the data protection and privacy, veiled faces, houses, cars or removed any special software. The official details about Bing Maps Streetside goes live on April 8th 2011th (Fs)