Microsoft: Vulnerabilities in Windows XP SP2 and Vista without SP

Check which service pack is on your operating system.

Quick Test: Which Windows is installed on your computer?

If you are unsure which is set up on your computer Service Pack (SP), open the Windows Start menu and type “winver” in the search box (XP users click previously on “Run …”). This opens a window where the installed Windows SP displays. Do you have Windows XP with SP2 and lower or Vista with no service pack, you urgently need to make improvements.

Since July 13: No more updates!

Microsoft stops the official support of these operating systems – the update service “Windows Update” so stuffed no more vulnerabilities your PC is inadequately protected. The way out: Set up the SP3 (for Windows XP) or SP2 (for Vista), so that your operating system again receives updates and threats is safe. How this works is explained this website step by step.


Install Service Pack 3: Windows XP

Do you still on XP Service Pack 2 or earlier, you should act quickly and set up the current SP3 to continue to have access to updates – date was July 13th 2010, since Microsoft denied the updates. Warning: Missing on your computer and the SP2, you must install this mandatory only before SP3 play that! For the 64-bit version of XP SP3 does not exist, you will find with the Service Pack 2 all necessary updates to 2014. What’s new in the third Service Pack holds, this website summarizes.

To install the Service Pack 3 for Windows XP

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»Download: Windows XP Service Pack 3 download

»Download: Windows XP Service Pack 2 download


install Service Pack 2: Windows Vista

For Vista Microsoft has so far released two service packs. Who installed neither program packages, obtained on April 13, 2010 no security updates! Therefore, update as soon as possible on the SP2 to continue to better protect your system against threats. Caution: The SP2 requires an already installed Service Pack 1 will fail the means! In Vista, you must distinguish between 32- and 64-bit versions. Which variant you use, learn by pressing the key combination Windows key + Pause key (F16). The new features of Vista SP2 shows this website.

Installation: Vista Service Pack 2

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Setting up the Vista SP2

»Download: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (32-bit) Download

»Download: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (64-bit) Download

»Download: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (32 bit) download

»Download: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (64 bit) download

Alternative: switching to Windows 7

Instead of a potentially lengthy installation of service packs for XP or Vista, also offers an upgrade to Windows. 7 What does the operating system change and how the switch works safely, explains this website.

»Windows 7: To ensure that the change from XP and Vista!

Important before installation: Backup!

What operating system you play a new service pack or if you planning to migrate to Windows 7: Create a backup of your important personal files! To prevent loss of data, if errors occur during the installation.

»Perfect Backup: To back up your data!

»Features and Design in Test: Windows 7

»Windows 7: To receive a good start