Microsoft warns of Windows 7 usage

Taugt own product nothing more? The Windows 7 provider creates confusion.

W he still uses Windows 7, lives dangerously. This is the conclusion one comes when Chris Capossela believes marketing director at Microsoft. Speaking to Windows Weekly, he expressed a negative for 2009 published operating system. For years, it holds a large market share, users are now encouraged to switch on current Windows 10th Reasons provided the man with the same: He described Windows 7 as not sure it would have poor compatibility and it was necessary to end the division of different system variants on several devices genera away.

Justifications unconvincing

On the web it already rained criticism to argue Capossela. Windows 7 may lag behind his successors technically, is in itself but an insecure operating system: While it lacks the Windows Defender with virus detection (implemented only as an anti-spyware solution), nevertheless stuck security features such as different authorized user accounts, user accounts control and Smart Screen inside. Also DEP and ASLR, which are part of the kernel and make it difficult to exploit vulnerabilities belong to. Furthermore, Windows gets 7 until January 14, 2020 security updates. This gives Microsoft itself to that. By comparison, Windows 8 users, the Group supplied to 10 January 2023 users of the recommended Windows 10 to 14 October 2025 vaccine.

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Windows 7 is not as bad

Granted: A raw-installed Windows 7 (no service pack) looks antiquated. Board tools are not up to date, so once is the Internet Explorer 8 ready. To meet the Microsoft cares from the January 12, 2016 no longer, as of this date only gets the newer IE11 updates. That the IE8 another time comes, you realize the fact that this version is the latest available browser for XP. Do you have 7 any case brought Windows once per update routine to stand, it is not as bad as: Except for apps it supports virtually all the major standards today. One can argue with the meaning of the Apps desktop. Most Free and purchase programs do under Windows 7 without any problems their service. The same goes for hardware (driver). It is assumed that a manufacturer of software and accessories back support for elderly System insidiously. There is therefore no compelling reason to make the move to Windows 10 for die-hard Windows 7 fans. Only programs that rely on special 8 available from Windows functions do not function. to wait 10 With the change to Windows, even good sides: Some remain cherished features. With the newer systems old habits are cut: DVD playback, Media Center, desktop gadgets, performance index and more.

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Statements to evaluate the fiscal stimulus?

The suspicion is that Microsoft in particular a reason rails against Windows 7: to stimulate the proliferation of Windows 10th The goal is ambitious: By 2017, one billion devices to run with it worldwide. The change might not currently be more attractive for users, the first time there is a complete operating system given. Existing customers with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 update free by the end of July 2016. Earn Microsoft wants especially to the many potential Windows 7-switchers: The currently bring no profit. Failing that to change to version 10, could freely make the switch paid software in the App Store to buy – and the cash register ringing.

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Other side of the coin: Reasons for Windows 10

The terms of the safety and compatibility in favor of Windows 10, but are less important than suggested by Chris Capossela for Windows 7 users. Rather technically and for improved operator should upgrade being: Windows 10 brings factory newer board means with that provides more reliable update feature, the defragmentation function sends SSDs sensibly the TRIM command for permanently high tempo. In addition, the Internet Explorer knows the acceleration technique HTTP / 2, the specific web applications will benefit. Many also find on the tile surface and the drilled Task Manager favor. Benefits are also the PDF viewing and creation, homemade USB 3.0 support, an optimized copy dialog, fresh icons and wallpaper and theoretically flotteres startup. Professionals install even the home version of Win10 within a VHD file and so multiple systems in parallel (the VHD Start works for Windows 7 only in expensive enterprise / Ultimate editions). And the command line support last important shortcuts.

This is countered by forced updates that users can not turn off readily. Also could Microsoft stirring with the big drum to make the transition unsympathetic: Windows 7- and -8.1 users get next to the system Notes of an icon that prompts you to upgrade. A few clicks too much – and the operating system-conversion process is unstoppable. The 6-gigabyte installation files of Windows 10 often invite even down by itself. How do you escape the madness, explains the guide “Windows 10 as a forced update: Exclusive program prevents it.” Weigh yourself if you want to make the transition. give a picture of the system novice, interested in large this website test.

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