Microsoft wins against US justice

A court has ruled that Microsoft the US authorities not grant any unrestricted access to emails.

Preconnected 2013 called for the US Department of Justice Microsoft on to grant full access to e-mails that may be relevant to a lawsuit against a drug cartel. Microsoft objected to the requirement of the Authority. As justification for it was from Redmond that the corresponding emails not on servers in the United States but in Europe – were saved – more specifically in Ireland. Microsoft argued that US law does not intervene in this case. An American federal court gave Microsoft now right: The Justice Department must not therefore access the emails.

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Victory for Privacy

In a blog post Brad Smith, chief legal officer at Microsoft emphasizes that the court ruling is an important victory for international protection. It also calls for a more modern data protection law and international agreements governing the access rights of the authorities and other institutions clear private data. Other major companies like Apple, Google and Oracle presented during the dispute on the side of Microsoft. However, it is unlikely that the dispute between Microsoft and the US Justice Department is finally over. According to a report of the Seattle Times, the Authority is planning to challenge the judgment.