Minecraft scams in the app store games

This “Minecraft” counterfeiting is an impostor earned a fortune. (Source: www.imgur.com)

D Ickes thing: Countless “Minecraft” fans fell in recent days apparently a swindler victim. The offers in some countries to a game called “Minecraft Pocket 2” in Apple’s App Store. This is of course a fake. That came many gamers, however, not to mind and she exfoliated willingly 10.99 dollars out to secure the alleged continuation of the cult hits. The game climbed, according to a report in the US Forum ranked 4th on the iTunes charts. For their money the buyers then received a badly programmed game in which a nameless figure by a horde of zombies attacked. With “Minecraft” is happening has nothing to do with the best intentions.

The cheaters are in the online store as Scott Cawthorn from the intention that apparently targeted confusion with the “Five Nights at Freddy’s” developer Scott Cawthon. On offer the fraudster can be found for even more fakes, which are based, among others, “Mortal Kombat” and said “Five Nights at Freddy’s.” German players need for the time being not to worry, in local app store is “Minecraft Pocket 2” not available. And also from other offshoots of Apple’s online store should offer soon be gone. As “Minecraft” developer Mojang told a magazine, in-house legal department was off already on the case. As the forgery has managed despite Apple’s supposedly strict controls to offer the app stores, remains unclear.

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