Mozilla is working on a signed version of Firefox for Mountain Lion

The next version of Mac OS X Mountain Lion system will carry a new security device with a restriction for third-party application vendors.

Dubbed Gatekeeper, the next mechanism built into OS X Mountain Lion will restrict default installation of applications to the Mac App Store, download platform from Apple. Gatekeeper also allow applications signed by the developers identified by Apple. On its official website, the Cupertino company explained that this mechanism would prevent the “download and install without your knowledge malware.”

Late last week, Ben Hearsum, Mozila engineer, said it was imperative to produce a Firefox browser version that have this electronic signature so that the next edition of OS X will not block it by default. Mountain Lion will be available this summer but many rumors point to an exit early June at the annual WWDC (11/06). This signature should be integrated in Firefox 13, the final version is expected in turn to June 5

Note in passing that June 1 distributed applications within the Mac App Store will include a sandbox mode (sandboxing). According to Apple, it would protect the system by limiting the type of operations that an application can perform, such as opening documents or access the network.

Edited on 12/07/2012 at 9:52

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