MSI FX610: Allrounder notebooks based on AMD

MSI FX610 with AMD processor and ATI graphics card.

T he models “FX610-P3443W7P” and “FX610-P8447W7P” are now available for 599 respectively 699 Euro. Both devices have four gigabytes of RAM, a 15.6-inch display with 1366×786 pixels and the ATI graphics chip “Radeon HD5470” with DirectX 11 support. The more expensive model expects a triple-core processor and has 500 gigabytes of disk space. By contrast, in FX610-P3443W7P tinkers a “dual core” computer. The storage capacity is 320 gigabytes. MSI equips the FX610 notebooks made with three USB ports, HDMI and eSATA port, webcam and memory card reader. The operating system “Windows 7 Home Premium for use” comes. (Fs)

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