facelift and Bing apps will soon be on iOS and Android (maj)

Microsoft wants to achieve slightly better strategy with MSN and Bing. The portal has a new look while Bing will invite applications on iOS and Android.

Microsoft unveils a new version of its Web portal. Available as a public beta, the site has been redesigned with today’s standards, namely a responsive layout compatible with different types of media, but also a layout a bit more airy and without widgets superfluous.

The last redesign of the portal date of 2012. In parallel with the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft unveiled a new version of specially optimized for Internet Explorer 10.

Mobile applications grouped under the Bing brand will be in the future, related to that of MSN and invite beyond Windows and Windows Phone. “We will release a suite of applications on iOS and Android MSN to complement our corresponding applications on Windows and Windows Phone,” explains the company. It will suffice to customize them once for these parameters are then synchronized with the Microsoft account.

The MSN team has started to regain the ergonomics of Bing apps on Windows 8.1 directly in the thematic sites. Launched in August 1995, the portal gather 437 million unique visitors in total.

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