Municipal: digital promises of candidates deemed “very innovative”

In studying the digital tier program of 527 candidates in local elections in more than 200 cities, Digital Renaissance paints a scathing statement. The “think tank” considered contenders for mayor of major cities certainly make an effort in this area, however, the proposed measures are considered very innovative.

Digital Renaissance presents the results of his study of digital programs of 527 candidates in municipal elections. No fewer than 200 cities are covered by this report which aims to distinguish how candidates apprehend the subject or attempt to integrate it into their programs.

First observation, peeled on all programs, only 161 of them speak digitally. The most common themes are then the equipment (network equipment), Economy (start-ups, innovative projects deemed) or services (e-commerce, travel …). Other topics such as culture, health, smart cities are also present, but to a lesser extent.

Apart from this statistical aspect, Digital Renaissance believes that, overall, the projects supported by the candidates are not innovative. “Only 24 candidates talk about Open Data, 10 speak of connected city and 15 e-health,” says the organization. “These themes are nevertheless the heart of the competitiveness and innovation of tomorrow. They are economic levers and allow a more modern management of the city, its services or its mobility “adds Elisabeth Barg├Ęs, co-chair of the Social and Digital Renaissance Nextwork and accountable governance of Google.