Music: Google pushes YouTube videos in its search results (upd)

Google began deploying a new feature in its search engine, to highlight YouTube videos ready for viewing when the search is for music.

When seeking the title of a song on Google is potentially to hear directly: the Mountain View company has decided to facilitate the task of users by offering them, as a first result, access live on the official video if it is available on YouTube.

Google draws on its own video platform to bring the past forward, but does not display anything, content to draw on official chain groups or distributors. As such, the different channels Vevo group are widely represented.

The feature is already in place. Thus, when conducting a search by typing “Get Lucky,” for example, it falls directly on the YouTube video player that offers viewing the video for the song of Daft Punk. Below, some information is displayed as the title of the associated album and release year. You scroll over half of the page to access other search results.

Google, however, that the system is supposed to draw the videos “on several sources, not just YouTube. It highlights the first video shows in the search results. ” In practice, nearly a dozen tests, YouTube is the platform that comes up most often. And when another is offered as Dailymotion, thumbnail appears much smaller, to a lesser before implementation.

For Dailymotion, it’s not the same music.

If this innovation is appealing the Internet in search of songs to listen to, this tendency to favor its own services could again play tricks on Google, especially in Europe pointed to abuse of dominant position.