MWC 2016: Connected Car Highlights

Premiere at MWC: Ford introduced the new Kuga prior to the connectivity system Sync. 3

T the end of February of the year’s MWC-time – then take not only mobile phone, PC and Internet of Things manufacturers to mass, even car manufacturers can be there to look increasingly. For the fifth time Ford is. The Cologne presented at the art fair in addition to a benefit program called Ford pass to an exclusive car before: The Ford Kuga to do with a fresh design and premium standard BMW X3, Audi Q5 & Co. competitors. And under the hood is a lot going – or much more in the interior: Ford announces among other Connectivity System Sync the third generation. With Applink, Android Auto and Apple carplay fully one focuses on the increasingly important smartphone integration in the car.

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3D maps, Spotify and Smartphone as key

But that’s not all: The supplier Bosch announces Navikarten 3.0. Instead of driving through a plate-landscape in the conventional navigation, has managed to show even skyscrapers and topography authentic Bosch – which helps the driver with orientation. The Swedish automaker Volvo brings Spotify without smartphone forced into the car – the data comes through an extra SIM. In addition, Sweden will soon make the Smartphone to the car keys. Unlocking, log in and start the engine – all that is an alternative to the ordinary car keys also work with the phone. These and other innovations are in the photo gallery.

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The new Ford Kuga comes with Sync 3. What the new board system can all be this website Viewed at MWC.

Ford Kuga Sync 3: New infotainment in hands-on