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With “Hot Pursuit” EA revives the series classics.

W ith “Need for Speed ​​- Shift” helped Electronic Arts its disgraced racing series back to its original splendor. Unfamiliar to fans: In “Shift” moved the US game makers the races on public roads on the racetrack. Now EA performs the backward roll: The newest “NfS offshoot resumes illegal Raser scene into focus. This means: In “Hot Pursuit” go not only against your competitors, but also against the police.

The lawmen condemn the dangerous driving in the picturesque district Seacrest County namely fiercely. Too bad – after all, the open game world with its coastal, mountain, forest and desert areas the perfect backdrop for the breakneck race. On the other hand promise chases with the police the adrenaline rush of days gone by, the veterans in “Shift” was missing some “NfS”.

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Responsible for “Hot Pursuit” is Criterion Games. The studio already proved with “Burnout” -Titeln his knack for exciting arcade racer. In addition to the single player campaign the developers announce a comprehensive multiplayer mode with many racing variants. Wins rewarded “Hot Pursuit” is with cars, weapons and accessories.

Update: start date brought forward

At E3 2010 Electronic Arts announced the racing game originally on for 19 November of 2010. Now it is clear: “Hot Pursuit” appears a day earlier in Germany.

Released “Need for Speed ​​- Hot Pursuit”: November 18, 2010 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. (dj / rk)

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