Nest: founder Tony Fadell leaving the company

Feierabend for Tony Fadell: The Nest founder and CEO is leaving his company.

Nest-founder and CEO Tony Fadell’s

Surprise at Smarthome pioneer Nest: founding member and CEO Tony Fadell throws in the towel and leave the company. In a blog post bye the manager of his team and the customer. Specific reasons for his departure called Fadell not in the post. Allegedly prepared the CEO resign for months before and the Google-Holding Alphabet will continue as a consultant are available. Where it verschl├Ągt him full time, it is silent, however, Fadell made. Retiring from his company give him space so Fadell cloudy, new ideas and new activities.

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Fadell farewell: Really voluntary?

The blog post reads not as if the parting is carried out truly voluntary. Rather, there are the usual phrases that indicate that the chemical is no longer true and that Fadell has now pushed more or less to finish. These are also the latest reports from the nest environment: So is Google threatened, pull the plug, because it was dissatisfied with the previous business. In addition, it is probably also the working atmosphere is not the best that was due in part to the leadership of Tony Fadell.

Motorola Manager Fawaz succeeds

Succeeding Marwan Fawaz rises as CEO a nest with. Fawaz comes from Motorola and takes over from Fadell a product plan for the next two years. It will be interesting, if it remains in this roadmap or whether Fawaz will change a few things fundamentally.