Nest thermostats with software errors

A software error paralyzed Nest thermostats.

T he large nest update from December 2015 came with a hidden surprise: a software bug that sucked the battery to the thermostat empty and that the device (original price about 250 US dollars) abschaltete. The unpleasant consequence: In reports state that users at night woke up in a cold house. Also on Twitter and the official forums complained about many users problems. The co-founder of Nest, Matt Rogers, confirmed to the New York Times now that the fault of the software comes and since January 2016 known.

No remote maintenance

The whole thing should really not be a major problem as a thermostat is transitionally replaced quickly. But whoever returns from vacation, possibly a bad surprise: The house is cold and pipes are frozen or even burst! A remote control of the affected devices is due to the failure Nest impossible. Affected need to charge thermostats previously.

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Risk of total failure

This incident illustrates the possible risks of the Smart Homes. Even smart device may fall out and maintain no life – that should be considered when buying and using always. Nest has now solved the problem for almost all users of the thermostat. Concerned bidding by phone to help.

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