New 7.1 headset from Sennheiser

PC 373D: the new 7.1-headset from Sennheiser.

T he German audio specialist Sennheiser provides the PC 373D now a sequel to the popular PC headsets 363d on. On basic concept does not change: The PC 373D is a 7.1 headset with USB port, which is tailored according to the manufacturer specifically to players and to allow the user to fully immerse themselves in his game. This is mainly due Sennheiser makes own converter technology, thanks to which the user is to hear every detail. Fits to offer the headphones a transmission range 15-28000 Hz. The impedance of the headphone lies, according to the company at 50 ohms.

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Surround dongle on board

Another highlight is the included surround dongle. The offers users the ability to customize the sound to individual needs and quickly – to switch between stereo and surround mode – via clicking on the integrated Dolby button. Furthermore, the integrated into the headset software equalizer offers four presets including optimized modes for competitive and immersive gaming, an eSports mode and an “Off” setting for neutral sound. For the audio enjoyment of PC 373D also has a music mode.

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Many customizable settings

To a certain comfort to offer the user even during long game plays both the earphones as well as the headband are padded. Also interesting: The headset features a noise-canceling microphone with optionally activated in algorithm for noise reduction – that provides clear communication without annoying background noise. About three sidetone settings, you can choose exactly the volume of the voice. The sound itself is controlled via the built-in the right earpiece volume key. Practical: Opens the player the microphone up, it activates the automatic muting of the microphone.

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The Sennheiser PC 373D is priced at 249 euros now.