New Mattel View-Master appears 2016

The new View-Master Viewer appear in the autumn.

E rst last year donated Mattel his virtual-reality goggles View-Master a new design, which was based on Google’s Cardboard concept. This year, the VR headset now is to get again a revision.

Better lenses and headphone input

As Mattel announced in the fall with the View-Master viewer DLX the current version will be released with numerous innovations. So donated the toy manufacturers of eyeglass lenses, among other better and a headphone input. It should continue to be a way to customize the focus distance for each carrier.

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View-Master is expensive

was also revised the smartphone holder of View-Master viewer DLX. She takes out loud manufacturer now more smartphone models in different sizes. The new features increase the price of the View-Master viewer DLX expected from 30 to 40 US dollars.