New Payment Service: Xiaomi Mi Pay

The contactless payment via the phone is already available in many stores.

P aypal, Samsung Pay, Pay Apple and Android Pay are some ways to pay with your smartphone. Especially methods that use NFC for identification, recorded a strong upward trend. Here are payment data such as credit cards, on the smartphone, which then replaces the phone using NFC to the terminal of the seller. With Mi Pay Xiaomi enters another company the market of payment systems, thereby but mainly focused on Chinese customers. In addition to credit cards, the user can also store gift cards or access cards in the Mi-Pay App. Already some big banks from China are among the partners of the program.

Step by step: How you pay via mobile phone

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Relevance for Germany

Although the payment service limited to China, announcing an advantage for Xiaomi users harbors worldwide: Upcoming smartphones Xiaomi could be equipped with an NFC chip. Currently have few high quality smartphones built NFC technology. Then also German customers could use in future smartphones Chinese brand. The Mi5 was the first and certainly not the last flagship Xiaomi NFC.