New Year’s Greetings: Preferably via mobile phone

Happy New Year: The phone is in great demand in the New Year’s Eve, to convey greetings.

W hen it comes to wish a happy new year friends, relatives and acquaintances, like it, the Germans simply and directly, according to a survey of digital association Bitkom. The majority of attacks in the New Year’s Eve for mobile.

Calls on popular

According to the survey, in which multiple answers were possible calls are the most popular: 82 percent said so to convey their good wishes for the New Year. Almost half of Germans (46 percent) sent SMS or WhatsApp messages, one-third (30 percent) use e-mail and post 17 percent on Facebook & Co. After a quarter of citizens greeted by mail.

Best WhatsApp Sayings

You want to wish good luck in the New Year this year via WhatsApp? this website has assembles the 40 most beautiful WhatsApp sayings for and New Year for you.

WhatsApp: The best New Year’s Greetings

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Funny and beautiful New Year Sayings

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Network operator Vodafone expects the way with a new call record in the New Year’s Eve. During the year 2014/2015 streamed 27 million calls through the Vodafone network – 70 percent more than on a normal weekday. This number it applies to excel. The network operator has customers but also suggest looking at the cell phone while celebrating. Because on January 1 call experience shows that many customers tired the service to be blocked her lost cell phone.

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