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Toshiba is committed to education: agreements with the contractor are clear.

L no longer äuft the PC, to make him afloat a repair. this website has random sampling checks nine Repair Services. The result: Some service technicians inspect not only the hardware but also personal data on the hard disk. In five of eleven test cases perked rummaged in private files. Two other repair services all data were after repair even away – a disaster in terms of customer service and privacy!

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Even the technicians of a Toshiba-contractor sniffed calmly around in private music and travel photos. Exemplary, albeit a little late, took the head of the service management of Toshiba Europe, Stephan Kunze, the conclusion statement: “everything in advance, we would stress that Toshiba is keen to respect the privacy rights of the customers. (…) Each service provider undertakes Toshiba in contractually, especially careful to deal with all repairs submissions of all Customer Data. For example, may not copy Toshiba service partners and their employees customer data without permission of the customer. For product returns the service partner may need to delete existing customer data physically so that it is ensured that they can not be restored.

If during a repair of the access to customer data is required, the service provider and its employees are obliged to treat all customer data indefinitely confidential and to use them either for business or for private purposes or divulge to third parties.

Toshiba strongly regrets that it – has come to this incident – despite the principles described above, contracted. A review of the service partner is already initiated. ”

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