NFL: Twitter secures online rights

Twitter has the online rights for Thursday games of American football league NFL secured.

A lthough Twitter recently had its 10th anniversary, there are those responsible for very little reason to celebrate: On the one hand, the company for years is already running a loss, on the other hand you had last reported declining user numbers. This evolved from the latter problem not a permanent condition, Twitter now accesses surprising means: The short message service now secured the online rights for Thursday games of American football league NFL. This gave League boss Roger Goodell befitting known per Tweet.

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According to the information transmits Twitter ten Thursdays games this season live worldwide. The special feature is that viewers do not have to necessarily register with the short message service, to see the games. Open but still, if the company does it within the house live streaming service Periscope and expanding or a completely new surface builds.

Twitter wins the bidding war

As Bloomberg and Re / code report unanimously wanted both of Telekomunikations- and media company Verizon and the online retailer Amazon have the rights. Even Facebook should temporarily have interested in the games of the NFL on Thursday – but then got out of the bidding war. Twitter That, ultimately, against Verizon and Amazon was able to prevail, is quite astonishing: Because both companies are known to dig deep into their pockets if they want to have something. So Amazon will have forked out around 250 million US dollars, for example, the obligation of the former presenter of the BBC car show “Top Gear”, Jeremy Clarkson.

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Price unknown

How much Twitter for the world’s online rights is charged to the Thursday play, is unknown. Re / code speculated that these proposed under 10 million US dollars to book. What looks at first glance like a lot, is in the world of NFL comparatively little: because of the two US networks CBS and NBC cost the TV rights for the same games a total of 450 million US dollars. This is according to the report to the fact that the TV channel be allowed to commercialize the display in the field of transmissions completely independently and Twitter only a part of it. Secondly Verizon holds the rights for broadcasts to mobile devices so Twitter necessarily have to do without it. (With material of dpa.)