No 64 GB model of the iPhone 5?

The iPhone 4 has a maximum of 32 gigabytes of storage space.

No 64-gigabyte iPhone?

The iPhone Stories Continue: The website AppleInsider reported on the Vodafone page with accessories were inadvertently information on storage facilities and color versions of the smartphone surfaced. So you could refer to the section “Compatibility” a Vodafone signal booster that the new iPhone 5 comes in black and white as a 16- and a 32-gigabyte model on the market.

Only typo?

The hoped-for 64-gigabyte version, which already exist so both the iPad and the iPod touch, appeared at least not in this list. Meanwhile, Vodafone has removed this information again. Of course, this could be also acted to correct spelling, admits AppleInsider. Or is it pure speculation on the part of Vodafone. Eight-megapixel camera? A5 dual core processor? Near Field Communication (NFC)? Curved design? Is there a cheap version? Nothing definite is therefore still does not know – because it’s be brave for all Apple fans and on in the next few weeks “generally expected” Asking the device wait. (Cs)

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