No Man’s Sky: 10 Facts to know about this space exploration game

Long overdue, No Man’s Sky arrives on PS4 August 10 and August 12 on PC. As such, particularly intriguing, invites exploration of planets through space, with an almost infinite potential. Here’s what to know about the game studio Hello Games, one of the major outputs of the summer.

Space Explorer alone in his own spaceship, such is the experience promised by No Man’s Sky. Rarely a game will have both worn the qualifier to open world since it is almost infinite! But that’s not the only thing to know. The following information will help you learn more about the game Hello Games before you – or you decide whether or not to make the acquisition.

18 quintillion planets to visit

The immensity of the No Man’s Sky world is measured in trillions of planets to visit. It is 18 446 744 073 709 551 616 different worlds that await players. No party like another as players start from a different place. To arrive at such a choice, developers have used procedural generation process for creating digital content in real time and automatically. The basic rules are defined by algorithms that take into account a series of parameters to build the worlds, the As the player’s journey. In the case of No Man’s Sky, this includes the flora and fauna of the planets, the enemies in place, climate, buildings to explore …

A huge game only 10 gigabytes

Despite the extent of his universe, which therefore has very many galaxies, No Man’s Sky weighs only 10 GB, and a large part of these data are summarized in the music. Compared to qu’affichent weight much less extensive games, one wonders how we reach such a feat. This is in fact one of the consequences of procedural generation implementation: as the game generates in progressively planets visited by the player, nothing is stored in the hard disk, that we play on PS4 or PC.

However, as the construction of the world is mathematical, its development is not random and appears to be the same for all players: it is possible – rare, but possible – to visit a planet that has been discovered by a other. Despite this aspect connected, no need to be connected to the Internet to play: all you need is basic installed, do nothing more to generate the infinity of the game world If you decide to play without. connection, then only very discrete functions online disappear.