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“No Man’s Sky”: The first patch for PC and PS4 versions is published.

has fter you at least the PC version already with a few makeshift patches supplied, developer Hello Games is finally a first full patch for the PC and PS4 versions of “No Man’s Sky” ready, which is available immediately. A detailed list of enhancements (changelog / Changelog) does not exist. For this, however, sign already first players with their experiences: So at least crashes the PS4 version after installing Patch 1:04 still regularly. Players report in Reddit forum about two crashes per hour. Good for cheaters: It appears that the developers have to exploit that provides endless resources, not removed from the game.

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announced PC and PS4 updates: Update (August 18, 2016)

Two patches are “Man’s No Sky” reached in the coming days respectively PS4- and PC versions of. Still no later than August 21, 2016 will be publishing a first update for both platforms, which creates a particularly critical errors such as crashes from the world. The second patch is to follow a few days later – it improves the game experience, so developers Hello Games. Whether the creators so exclusively eradicate bugs or bring new content to the game, is not known.

Update (August 17, 2016): Second PC patch out

Even five days after publication there is still no final PC patch for heavily bugged “No Man’s Sky”. After a first provisional Updated on August 13, 2016 developer Hello Games is now publishing a second experimental patch – a kind of pre-release version. By updating, I can change the mouse sensitivity from now. He received the official figures, compatibility, leading to several chips, such as the AMD Phenom multi-core processor, significantly improved inter alia to stabilize the frame rate. Also crashes – when using the Alt-Tab key combination about – will now occur much less frequently. A date for the first final PC patch is available.

Original message (August 15, 2016): PC patch fixes bugs first

Currently dominated “No Man’s Sky” the Steam charts – loud put a game in 2016 a better start in the download platform out. Likewise, a record is the negative feedback of the players: crashes, FPS burglaries, sound errors – many owners do apparently been returned to its right, the PC version of the game. Developer Hello Games has responded shortly and one day after the publication – ie 13 August 2016 – released a mini-patch, but the purges only two crash causes. In addition, the creators give via Steam tips that some errors should be circumnavigate. Who hears about a crackling noise, to mark down the quality of the sound output to the appropriate Windows options. With frequent crashes or image Rucklern the driver version of the video card must be checked. claims to Hello Games is working on a patch to fix the defects – when the will is not known.

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Released “No Man’s Sky”: August 10, 2016 PS4, August 12, 2016 PC.