Nokia: billion-help Microsoft

Nokia boss Stephen Elop brings the group back on track.

U nder others shared with Elop in his presentation that Nokia from Microsoft get a billion support to develop smart phones with the operating system “Windows Phone”. At the same time the top managers defended the rejection of Google ( “Android” operating system) as a partner. Had Nokia chosen as the world’s largest mobile phone maker for the Android platform, the result would be a “duopoly” of Apple and Google in the mobile market have been, he said. “That would have tipped the whole market towards Google.”

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Android repressed the end of 2010 Nokia’s Symbian from the top in the smartphone market. Together with Microsoft, whose share in smartphones after the launch of “Windows Phone 7” only at three percent was that one is now in the role of the challenger, so Elop. “We will bring all over the world a significant market share for Windows Phone.” In return, Microsoft Nokia deliver, among other things a platform for advertising revenue.

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Symbian, Nokia’s current phone system is not dead, said Elop. You’ll sell Symbian phones and manage their users cautiously toward Windows Phone. The development of the operating system “MeeGo” (cooperation Nokia / Intel) continues.

Ahead of Mobile World Congress provided an internal email from Stephen Elop headlines. It was the new Nokia boss with the recent Executive Committee and -philosphie harshly and announced a radical change. (Dpa / rs)

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