Nokia N86 8MP: test and review

Nokia launched the N86 8MP with the ambition to get the best camera phone. He relied on a sound basis: the range of Nokia N-Series. Product is complete and oriented business.

It includes a complete broadband connectivity (3G +, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, USB …), fast and accurate GPS, stereo audio system (the headset system is also branch into mini-jack) strengthened FM transmitter to switch the sound without any connection to the car radio, all on a Sybian OS S60 (3rd ed., pack 2).

On the software side, a wide range of potential applications for this multitasking environment, office suite and compression, for example. Google applications are built natively.

Nokia loses some of its traditional logic clarity in favor of menus and applications increasingly numerous and sometimes not distinguished or a little slow. The N86 8MP does everything, but the excess begins to “afflict the system.”

For the photo function, Nokia makes a quantitative break for better qualitative leap: the sensor remains 8MP but what surrounds it is enriched by what one might find on a digital camera (true optical zoom excluded). Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar wide-angle variable aperture (F2.4 yes / 3.2 / 4.8, 4.6mm focal length!), Dual LED flash dazzle! The quick release significantly improves the mechanical shutter shooting of a movement.

The reduced latency surprises, very good panorama mode and the final brightness too. You can link a geotag your photo 3264×2448 max and have 8GB of internal memory (expandable with microSD) for storing your shots as the -au technical depreciation assure you good! Video capture benefits from these qualities. We note in passing a small secondary sensor screen side and a Pal / NTSC support.

The battery tolerates all. Reportage photo, it will remind you to order every two days / day and a half.

The integrated camera is well proportioned to the base N-Series. The Nokia N86 8MP is emerging as a good comprehensive and homogenous product: the features do not interfere and stand out from the competition.

The small stand of the unit gives the N86 8MP place on your desktop (or hold the GPS in your car).

Nokia has chosen to keep a fairly small phone size meaning dual slider format counterparties are too modest screen size, classic design and a dense product: its weight was noticed … For N86 8MP, a leading real camera phones, Nokia has done a “heavy”.