Novelty: Edition 10 – costly listening from Ultrasone

The price of the Ultrasone Edition 10 guaranteed exclusivity.

T he Ultrasone Edition 10 open design provides the manufacturer the highest quality in sound, comfort and design. Ten years of experience in the audio field and 60 patented technologies were incorporated into the development of the luxury product. This also includes the S-Logic Plus technology, which is to guarantee precise sound output. The titanium-coated 40-millimeter sound transducer covers a frequency range from 5 Hertz to 45 kilohertz – can perceive more than the human ear. A special metal shield prevents magnetic radiation up to 98 percent better than standard headphones, Ultrasone so. Three meter measures the power cable with a 6.3 millimeter jack. The latter is gilded in favor of a better transmission signal.

The design used Ultrasone precious metal, sheepskin and Zebrano (a tropical hardwood). The materials provide combines a retro look that stands out from the popular at the moment black design. Delivered in a wooden box, is the manufacturer of the Ultrasone Edition 10 headphones at a recommended retail price of 1,999 euros. (Fs)

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