Numericable: 200 Mbps, remote access and TV screenshots on Facebook

While Orange Livebox Play launches these days, Numericable occupies the ground today with a lot of new features for its “The Box.”

Extension of 200 Mbps

Start with information regarding the less direct The Box. Numericable did announce that it would begin to deploy its network to 200 Mb / s in Lyon, Marseille and Nantes by the end of the first half of 2013. Featuring twelve tuners DOCSIS 3.0, including eight dedicated to Internet (as opposed to television ), the Box can actually reach 200 Mb / s in download (10 Mb / s transmission). Only some parts of Paris were eligible from the beginning of last year.

Remote access to its contents

The Box Numericable gradually becomes the media hub of the home, as promised by the operator since its launch a little over a year. Numericable inspired this time SFR allowing remote access from mobile, multimedia content stored on “hard disk or USB stick.”

The statement did not specify if unfortunately one can access television recordings, which until now imprisoned on the internal hard disk of the equipment, or if the function is for personal videos.

ScreenshotTV to Facebook

Finally, Numericable extends the scope of the ScreenshotTV according to Facebook. Launched in late December for Twitter, this feature (detailed in this news) allows for recall to illustrate a publication on a social network with a screenshot of the TV program that looks.

It is a function relatively anecdotal but which advantageously supplements the functions closely integrating social networks with TV programs, for all those who engage in livetweet or similar.

These innovations will be commissioned soon, but for undisclosed dates.