Numericable Noos Thomson DCI 40 and Webstar cable modem: test and review

The offer Numericable Noos involves the installation of a digital TV decoder and a modem for internet and telephony. Please allow 75 euros deposit for each device, the rental fee is included in the monthly subscription. The cable modem supports Internet access and telephony. It deplores the lack of functionality of this device. There is no office router, only includes a single Ethernet port in addition to the USB port and does not carry wireless technology Wi-Fi. It is therefore difficult to dispense with cables when the computer is not not placed near the cable taken from his home.

The subscriber must be equipped with a wireless Wi-Fi router if it wishes wireless surfing while easily sharing its connection among several computers. On the back of the modem in addition to the Ethernet and USB ports for connecting the cable modem to a computer, one of the two RJ45 connectors used to connect the phone. Access to telephony services (call forwarding, mail …) is conventionally done by the telephone. Note that in case of power failure or network connection problem Numericable Noos impossible to make a phone call!

The TV decoder – in our case the 40- Thomson DCI will not branch to the modem but directly to the wall socket. The facade gives access to key buttons and navigation controls as well as the identification card. Better yet do not misplace the remote control or they will not enjoy all the services! The connector on the back of the unit is below that expected: there are two SCART sockets and two RCA stereo outputs, not HDMI for connecting it to a High Definition TV, no digital audio output either.

The decoder lacks some reactivity, but the use we can work around this problem by customizing its list of favorite channels or using the zapping window. analog VCR recording is possible by connecting the decoder and not forgetting to program the start of both devices!

For 300 euros anyway, the subscriber will be able to simplify their lives and equip the player-recorder digital decoder Digital Box. A DVR that lets you watch one channel while recording another, but above all, to pause the current program or go back in time (until the last thirty minutes). Its hard drive allows up to 40 hours of TV recording. The hardware offers Noos however disappoints over its ADSL competitors. Free, for example, offers its subscribers a new hard disk to TV decoder and a wireless modem that acts as a router.