Numericable renewed growth and reports on the fiber

Numericable announced yesterday have returned to growth, an extract of financial results in support. The operator also reported on its subscriber base and its ambitions for the coming year.

Numericable’s revenues actually amounted to 865 million euros in 2011, 2.1% better than the 847 million the previous year. Profitability grew proportionally with EBITDA from from 427 to 436 million euros.

The operator has maintained an almost constant number of subscribers in one year, but with a doubling in the number of subscribers white markings (206,000 against 103,000), that is to say to offers Auchan, of Bouygues or its network operator Darty, to the detriment of Numericable subscribers.

Clean, Numericable now totals 1.371 million subscribers, of which 938,000 to a triple play offer. The operator is still not communicating on the other hand the number of subscribers to its mobile offers.

To attract consumers in 2012, Numericable count on The Box, his “flagship”, but also its unique infrastructure that allows it to offer fiber optics easier than its competitors. The cable operator and claims “over 500,000 fiber subscribers in early 2012,” far ahead of them. 4.3 million households would already be connected to fiber, but Numericable will intensify its investments in the second quarter to increase this number to 6 million in 2014.

Remain convinced these homes passed in the interest of the Box and fiber, which are still charged a minimum of 55 euros / month.

Edited on 27/06/2012 at 7:23 p.m.

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