Nvidia: Pascal graphics cards mid-2016 games

On Nvidia’s new graphics card technology “Pascal” You probably wait for a while. (Image: www.kitguru.net)

Y ou rub considering Nvidia approaching new generation of graphics cards already hands? Then you could now be disappointed. The fresh technology based on HBM2 video memory, which develops the manufacturer under the name “Pascal” apparently appear later than announced. Originally credited gamblers in spring 2016, the new graphics cards. However, according to a media report a Korean magazine claims to have found that Nvidia will complete the reviews for new hardware only in five to six months and then start mass production.

Accordingly, the first device until the second half of the year are likely to end up on store shelves. Given these circumstances, competitor AMD might have the edge. The company said recently to have a head start in developing HBM2 cards. AMD wants to bring its new models in the summer of 2016 on the market. When HBM2 technology is storage with very high data throughput rate, which will bring great benefits especially in the area of ​​graphics applications and in interaction with virtual reality technology.

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