Nvidia Tegra 1 and 2 arrive on Android devices!

Meet Mike Rayfield, the leader of Tegra Nvidia announced at Mobile World Congress a few weeks ago that Nvidia Tegra 2 solution could not ultimately be that for tablets, but is also designed for Android smartphones.

Once again, he stressed ideal for Tegra 2 chipsets, and the first examples that come to market in the third quarter of this year was cited as the year of the tablet Rayfield said. This is the next wave of computing. In echoing comments from the CEO of Nvidia Jean-Hsun Huang.

Specifically as regards the part of smartphones, Rayfield confirmed that Tegra will start to appear in the quarter, and that Tegra 2 will arrive closer to the 4th quarter, it realized the next generation of Android devices.

On this subject, Rayfield also recalled. I missed the first Android wave. Reality is that I have invested most heavily in Windows Mobile / CE. He still believes that the investment will pay off, but he admitted that he had underestimated the speed with which Android will probably be a very good start.

Rayfield was no less eager to try to compete at MWC. It also makes a lot of designs with Qualcomm, and apparently some do not be very happy.

Intel was not mentioned, but the other competitor in the market, Texas Instruments was. Rayfield said Nvidia brings a new generation of Tegra every year, while AWD four years need to switch OMAP 3 to OMAP 4. He believes that Nvidia has the advantage of a year in terms of some graphics capabilities and video technology differences Qualcomm and TI.