Objenious, a subsidiary of Bouygues Telecom dedicated to connected objects

Bouygues Telecom has announced the creation of the subsidiary Objenious for objects connected to the network LoRa. The goal is to offer customers a turnkey solution for their connectivity needs, or even connected objects.

Last March, Bouygues Telecom announced the launch of its LoRa network for connected objects. Through a press release, the mobile operator has announced the creation of a new subsidiary – Objenious – for managing customer needs in terms of connected objects.

The subsidiary with 20 employees, led by St├ęphane Allaire, will offer many activities to customers: the design of connected sensors, the LoRa network connectivity and management of sensor data in the cloud with a solution provided by HP. Sagemcom will look for its radio part.

Bouygues Telecom also works hand in hand with startups to offer innovative solutions to its customers: the case of energism and Abeeway offering embedded power management or location-based systems with greater autonomy .

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Objenious will propose in a few weeks, a catalog with various offers for professionals, but also individuals via other companies. Objenious so do not send directly to individuals. The press release states that the LoRa Bouygues Telecom network already covers 15 large cities, it will cover 50% of the population by mid-2016 and will be completed by the end of the year, 4000 antennas.

Bouygues Telecom has not specified the territorial coverage, very important in terms of connected objects. It also seems that the deployment was delayed as it was about 500 municipalities covered by the end of 2015. Finally, Bouygues announces coverage of all of the Eure-et-Loire, “under the leadership of the Chamber of Agriculture and the County Council “to allow farmers to have many sensors.

It begs the question of the fate of Objenious subsidiary when selling Bouygues Telecom’s Orange, which has also a LoRa network being deployed. It is possible that Orange keeps this company in her lap, to offer services to its customers.