Offer software for Christmas

Offer software can be a great gift idea. The purchase of software applications and represents a significant portion of a budget when one team of hardware like a computer, tablet or smartphone. When mounting a PC or a mobile is gained, we do not necessarily think these extra costs.

In addition to completing the purchase of equipment, software is a gift that does not take almost no room once out of the box. For students or those who are already struggling to squeeze their equipment, it strongly resembles the perfect gift. Here is my selection.

Gift Idea # 1: Windows 8 new or upgrade

If you have a loved one who was offered several components to assemble a PC in order to install Windows it does not necessarily have thought to add to his list the main: the operating system. When assembling a new PC in order to install Windows it will buy an OEM version of Windows 8.

In addition, the gift can be an upgrade from an older Windows operating system. Boxed Version (gift requires) it will take 55 euros for the included disc 32/64 bit of the Pro version. There is also an upgrade pack to move from a classic to a Pro version.

Windows 8 OEM box: 99 euros

OEM Windows 8 Pro box: 135 euros

Windows 8 update box: 55 euros

Windows 8 Pro upgrade pack: 55 euros

Where to buy: online or in store

Gift Idea # 2: iTunes Gift Card

When we do not know, the gift card is a good way to complete his list of gifts for Christmas or a birthday. In addition, the iTunes gift card has the distinction of not being limited to purchases made with an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac …) since it is sufficient to use iTunes, even under Windows, to enjoy.

It can offer a physical card neatness (they are decorated) for amounts from 15 to 100 euros. With one can buy music but also applications (games or utilities), TV shows etc …

Apple iTunes gift card: 15 to 100 euros

Where to buy: on or store

Gift Idea # 3: Photoshop CS6

We share in the unreasonable pricing level is the goal of this 3rd choice. But for professionals or amateurs is the benchmark for retouching and image authoring. For those who already use a Photoshop CS6 upgrade to a newer version can not refuse.

Before buying, it will however refer to the table proposed by Adobe as this software suite provides several variants. I indicate below the prices for the basic version which provides access to Photoshop.

Photoshop CS6: 1800 euros

Photoshop CS6 Updated: from 350 to 950 euros

Where to buy: on or store

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