OnePlus setting virality for its specials dedicated to Black Friday

You want to invest in OnePlus products at a discount? Black Friday (Friday after Thanksgiving in the US) is definitely for you … if you are willing to play the game of communication of Chinese brand.

The promotions will be legion from the day after tomorrow, traditional Black Friday in late November. OnePlus also bends him to play for bargains, with a rather original system. Rather than offering bargain prices on a selection of products with a fixed rate for each brand emphasizes a kind of barometer of sharing on Facebook. More Product Pages accessories for sale will be shared and their price will drop. You are therefore warned: if you are looking for low prices, you will help build brand awareness. And not a little, because to benefit from 5% discount, it will take 2000 shares, 10%, 8,000 shares, 20%, 20 000 shares and finally, for certain products only, 50% discount will be offered for a minimum of 500,000 shares.

Among the potentially cheaper products can be found on Friday morning from 6am, the JBL E1 + headphones (36.99 euros), the Silver Bullet headphones (12.99 euros), screen protectors, cases flap and transparent shells and a USB cable handy enough flat, it must be confessed.

If you’re not in the mood to share your future purchases on your Facebook account, you can have hope of doing good business. “We have some very special things planned for the big day,” added the OnePlus team. Invitations distributed in bulk, discounts on the OnePlus One or simply the announcement of a new product? It will be better anyway to connect early on to enjoy any promotions, the site is usually mobbed particularly fast by his fans.