Online Music: attention to hardware changes

In absolute terms, the principle of having a song as a compressed audio file seems ideal. What could be more flexible in effect as computer data that can be copied, modified or transferred at will? Except that this ideal does not exist on online music sales sites. Whoever is content to manage and listen to songs downloaded on his computer, can get by. But once out of this strict framework, problems are linked. So, what is happening when we acquire a new digital audio player and how to enjoy the downloaded songs on a stereo?

With progress and the constant release of new models, the idea of ​​replacing his former player is not so preposterous. However, accustomed to the virtual record stores had better beware. It will indeed imperative to opt for a model to take into account not only the proper format audio files to the site concerned, but must also be compatible with any added restrictions. And unfortunately the players manufacturers often overlook this important aspect yet. Of course the players designed by Apple as the iPod and Sony are not affected. Rights management and AAC files Atrac3 here is perfectly taken into account, the file recovery process taking place in a closed circuit consisting of the site (Sony Connect or iTunes), software manager transfers (SonicStage or iTunes) and the player (Minidisc or iPod for example).

WMA does not open all the doors

Again it is the WMA format that is problematic. The willingness of Microsoft to make it universal caused builders to integrate their products but unfortunately in many cases, the rights management system has been forgotten. Thus, recent players like MSI MSI-516 can only play WMA files only if they are free of rights. It is therefore imperative to learn before acquiring such a product. Among those who manage rights, we include the Creative Zen Touch.

Similarly it seems legitimate to want to listen to the files that have been downloaded to a stereo system. After all there is no reason that digitized songs and paid can not be heard with the same comfort as an audio CD. Two cases are possible. Some stereos, radios or even home DVD drives support compressed audio files. They just generally the MP3 but some may accept the WMA. But again, there is the rights management problem that few models are able to take charge and in most cases this will not work. The best solution is to burn an audio CD from compressed files. The universal aspect of this support will therefore read on any type of platinum. On the other hand, it’s a bit sad to come to that even as the main argument of online music sales sites is just to not have to buy music CDs … Especially that must remember that the quality of audio from CD compressed files will be less than that of a commercial audio CD. In so book those who want to create their own compilations.