Online payment: Google announced the merger of Checkout and Wallet

No duplicate at Google: the Mountain View company announced today that its online payment service Google Checkout would soon merge with Google Wallet, the electronic wallet announced in May.

Goodbye Google Checkout, Google Wallet welcome: the virtual wallet of the Mountain View firm will democratize the different services that used hitherto the alternative to PayPal, which did not meet the expected success during his launch.

Unlike Checkout that was worn in several countries, including France, Google Wallet is currently limited to US territory, and this change could let imply its imminent arrival in other jurisdictions. Rather a logical location since arrival, slowly but surely, contactless payment on mobile devices.

Basically, Google Wallet proposed indeed offer a mobile payment solution in partnership with various American partners via NFC. But today, the service also evolving to offer the online payment via a computer … in short, what Checkout offers his side. The US site of Google Wallet also puts forward this new feature, while on the French version of the site, the logo has been changed, but not the terms used in the page.

Services such as Android Market or Google+ Games so quickly benefit from the merger of these two services, pending a more consistent development of the NFC market.

Edited on 11/07/2012 at 12:30

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