Opera 11.60: hardware acceleration again postponed

Opera Software announced that publisher finally decided to publish an intermediate version between the current version and edition 11.52 12.

Finally, the next Opera browser version is not the one that was recently presented at the summit Up North Web promising, among other things, hardware acceleration, but an intermediate version dubbed Tunny (11.60). The team explains that if the work on Opera 12 (Wahoo) are being finalized, support for hardware acceleration would take longer than expected to implement.

Originally announced in March and scheduled for Opera 11.50, WebGL, to leverage the computing power of the GPU, seems decidedly give trouble to the engineers of the company. “We have great ambitions for hardware acceleration and we believe it is more important to do things well rather than too quickly” and says the team. Note also that the work carried on graphics themes are also pushed to version 12.

Opera 11.60, available in trial version, features a new HTML5 parser but also a new version of the engine Carakan JavaScript execution. The latter has better memory management and provides full support for ECMAScript 5.1. Regarding the style sheet, note the addition of the radial-gradient property specified by the CSS3.

The company is working in parallel on these two drafts. Note that unlike alpha version 12, Opera 11.60 is not distributed through the Opera Next channel, which means that the application will not receive automatic updates and replace the current stable release (11.52). The team also warns that the Flash Player 11 plugin can cause crashes on Mac OS X. On this page the list of changes.

Download the evaluation version of Opera 11.60 Tunny for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Edited on 12/07/2012 at 9:52

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