Opera offers free and unlimited VPN on Android

Opera, known for its web browser, enhancing its service catalog for a new application: it now offers a free VPN on the Play Store.

It is during a service available for almost a year and a half on computers running Windows and Mac OS X. With the acquisition of the company SurfEasy in 2015, Opera offers indeed a VPN to desktop browsers and, since last May, on iOS. The idea is to offer a simplified solution, including mobile, to those who wish to access a virtual private network to include around common geographical restrictions in the world of web services. With the application published today on the Play Store, Opera offers the same tool on Android.

If the application Opera Free VPN enables a mobile user, wherever he is, to give the illusion of logging in from a short list of countries that includes the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany and Singapore. Caution, however, some services, such as Netflix, have made clear they would fight clearly no thank you – even if it will be hard to control everything – against the use of VPN, which allow access to catalogs which do not trade for all the countries in which it operates.

Opera, regular communications about data compression, expanding its application of another of his warhorses: advertising. So that an ad blocker was integrated into the browser Opera Mini in May, it’s a “trackers advertising blocker to prevent advertisers to track you on the web” that can be found in this new application. Opera also promises encryption connections (useful in the case of connections to public Wi-Fi networks) and, above all, free use.

Free VPN Opera – Unlimited