Optimize performance, memory and autonomy of Honor 7

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Optimize performance

Manage Memory

Adapt autonomy


Performance optimization has become over the years one of the major concerns of Android smartphone owners. Besides managing autonomy, Honor 7 offers you the opportunity to configure many settings such as memory (internal RAM), deleting some temporary files … A set of manipulations that we invite you to (re) discover here.

This tutorial was created in partnership with Honor France. The Honor 7 used to make this presentation is configured in Android Marshmallow and EMUI 4.0.

Optimize your intuitive performance

The “Phone Manager” is a great tool that allows you to diagnose in real time your Honor 7. After listing the various anomalies that could prevent your smartphone to function optimally, this application offers you the ability to automatically configure (or manually ) performance management of your device (memory, autonomy …).

At the launch of the analysis, the Honor 7 determines how it is possible to optimize your smartphone, in your score (100, considering that your phone is fully operational). “Touch to optimize” will allow you to run diagnostics.

Optimize Your Honor simply 7

This frees up the memory (RAM) and the storage memory by deleting files / applications obsolete. Thus, stopping running programs smoothens your navigation, for example.

Manage your RAM and storage

Similarly, the menu “system optimization” gives your smartphone the ability to clean the memory, indicating in particular the percentage of use of your RAM. To recap, the Honor 7 has 3GB of RAM: the higher the percentage, the higher your RAM is consumed, the objective being to reduce this “score”.

Fluidly and storage space!

Besides the ability to remove residual cache files, you can also “Manage Storage”, and separate you from unnecessary photos or videos, applications underutilized or completely unused … all automatically or by manually selecting the data to be erased .

Adapting the autonomy to your use

“Battery Management” allows you to save your battery life in particular managing the “power management mode” in three categories




Each thus delivers a different vision of the use of Honor 7, as we are looking to save battery or conversely, optimize CPU. Wi-Fi, GPS-based applications and applications running in the background undermine the autonomy of your smartphone, remember to turn off when you do not have a use!

Finally, the Ultra Mode will ensure optimal maintenance of your battery, keeping only the fundamentals that are the telephone, messages and contact list. Everything you need to save the last percent left for you …