Orange Launches 3G Classic Gear S2 from Samsung with its integrated Esim

Orange has announced having launched the shows connected Gear S2 Classic 3G Samsung in France for 399 euros. This is the first connected shows – and the first major public purpose – to integrate a Esim, integrated SIM card that you can not change and that is activated remotely.

It is through a press release that Orange has announced the launch in France of the watch Gear S2 Classic 3G Samsung. Thus the first shows connected to integrate the famous Esim, an integrated virtual SIM card directly within the watch and it is impossible to remove. So in Orange to remotely activate this Esim, which would refine the designs of the watches connected with greater finesse. But will it be possible to sell his watch to an Orange customer or worse, a customer of another operator and be functional on the new network?

The Gear S2 Classic 3G Samsung is already available in certain physical shops Orange and costs 399 euros, ie an additional cost of 50 euros compared to the official price of the Wi-Fi version. Remember that the 3G version allows to many features without their smartphone in hand. It is possible to make and receive calls from the watch, but also send and receive SMS and use applications that require access to the web or the GPS chip. Convenient to run without her smartphone.

To take advantage of 3G on the watch, Orange customers will have to subscribe to the Multi-SIM option Calls & Internet that is charged EUR 5 per month that it will add 10 euros for commissioning.

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