Orange TV stick is not compatible with Chromecast applications

TV Orange Key, officially announced by the operator it a few days ago, will not be compatible with Chromecast compatible applications.

As expected, Orange has provided answers to our questions about his TV Key, which will be marketed from July 9, and they are not going in the direction we hoped. First, the TV key application that goes with the product will not be available on Chromecast. Moreover, compatible applications Chromecast are not natively compatible with the TV Key, which reduces a little interest to the general public and explains marketing only for Orange customers and Sosh. Orange also indicates that “Orange SDK will enable applications of our partners to be compatible with The Key TV”. Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso part probable future partners since “additional application selection is under consideration in order to make them compatible with the TV key.” But Orange does not communicate on this list yet.

So it seems that the TV key is constrained, at least for France. IOS users were concerned about the compatibility with AirPlay, and Orange also provided us an answer. “It is possible to distribute your photos or music available on your iPhone / iPad directly to the TV via the key. It is also possible, from the application dedicated to the TV key on iOS, disseminate your personal content music, photos, videos on your TV, “said the operator.

To recall, the Orange HDMI dongle will be released on July 9th for a fee of 39 euros. We also had the opportunity to take charge at the MWC.