Our first impressions of the Bbox Bouygues Telecom

The operator has just introduced its premises Bbox, a Wi-Fi modem, and the content of his Tripe Play package, which will be launched on 20 October. The opportunity to deliver our first impressions on this new broadband offer.

Its Triple Play package, including broadband (20 Mbps), unlimited fixed telephony in France and television, in unbundled areas proposed for 30 euros per month. Bouygues Telecom and matches its competitor.

Its Bbox present, either, no originality compared to other packages such as Freebox, the Alice box, Neufbox or Livebox. This modem / router has the standard Wi-Fi wireless 802.11g (not 802.11n mode) and 4 Ethernet ports. appreciable Point, two USB ports make it easy to share a printer or an external hard drive for example. Although the Bbox is equipped with two phone ports, only one of them will be functional at launch. The individual may not enjoy two phone lines at home. For now anyway.

The phone includes unlimited calling to landlines in France and to more than 65 destinations. Nothing original hitherto either. But for 10 euros more, the subscriber has 3 hours of calls to mobile phones regardless of the operator in France. This option is particularly interesting face tariffs of other providers for which the monthly bill can easily add $ 30 per month and even more for the same amount of communication. But no mobile plan ahead!

The free TV package includes fifty channels. Provided the decoder is equipped with a 120 GB hard drive (100 hours of recording.) And an HD tuner. It connects to the modem using an Ethernet cable or Powerline taken (optional). It offers the expected connectivity: HDMI, 2 SCART, component, digital audio outputs, etc.). For 5 euros per month it provides offline reading program and is used as a digital VCR. Again, nothing exceptional. This TV decoder does not provide the function (for now?) Of Mediacenter. We can not use it as a media server in your living room. And only TF1 Vision, with a catalog of over 3,000 films made to date its offer of VOD. Finally, the Multi TV on a computer is limited to the streaming playback of 14 TV channels on a computer in a medium quality.

It is hoped that other services will expand the possibilities of its Bbox and its TV decoder over months. We particularly deplore the absence of a media center function, VOD offer more appealing, especially a true mobile plan in one of its offerings. A way that would allow it to make a difference with major ISPs.