Panasonic DMP-BD35EF-K – Blu-Ray disc drive test and review

Heir to the DMP-BD30, Panasonic BD35 incorporates the basics in and fill its gaps. The first thing that jumps out on this Blu-ray player is its compactness. Nothing to do with the behemoths of the first generation. If the width does not change, and comply with the standard 43 cm, depth of BD35 tops out at 25 cm (32 cm against the BD30 for example) and the height is limited to 5 cm (6 cm for BD30). A design that could make it out to a single DVD player. The loading hatch is in the center of the facade, with the display on the left. The brightness of the latter can be adjusted downward, but the total extinction is impossible. In the lower left corner are some basic commands and SD memory card reader that provides playback of video in AVCHD format. The sober design of the BD35 makes the essential remote control. It is she who provides overall control and pushed the player.

The DMP-BD35 is compatible Profile 2.0 and therefore supports BD-Live (bonus content accessible via Internet). To access these features, the dot reader connected to the Internet via its Ethernet socket and have an SD memory card into the reader. The connection also offers HDMI (V 1.3a supports Deep Colour and x.v.Colour), component output, composite output, sound output RCA dual analog and digital audio output (optical).

The BD35 incorporates internal and decodes all audio formats said “high-definition” including Dolby True HD and DTS-Master Audio. It also allows the direct send the audio stream to an amp.

The player takes on average about thirty seconds before being operational. Charging our various Blu-ray has proven fast. The wait did not really feel. Navigating place. The DMP-BD35 responds to the slightest touch of a button on the remote control, it’s very nice.

We find the picture quality of BD30. The videos have a very good dive with good colors, accurate contours with contrast. The user retains control over all parameters affecting the image (contrast, brightness, color …). Nothing to say the quality is there.

While not the best DVD player, the BD35 is rather doing well with this task. Panasonic improves here upscaling set up on the DMP-BD30.

With this third generation Blu-ray players mature. The BD35 is a perfect example. The Panasonic drive is in phase with all the Blu-ray specifications and capacities (BD Live, dynamic bonus …). Compatible with many audio and video formats other than Blu-ray, the DMP-BD35 especially provides a very good image. Is not the point. Another plus a price below 300 euros …