Panasonic TX-55CX740E: test and review

Price is obviously a key purchasing criterion for most consumers. And unfortunately this criterion works against this Smart TV Panasonic TX-55CX740E, displayed 700 euros more expensive than the model “first prize” even diagonally. 700 euros is a lot. And even if the image quality is there, it is certainly not worth the money. therefore difficult to justify buying this TV Ultra HD / 4K Panasonic, although everything in his favor.

It is simple, elegant, full, offer passive 3D (no glasses is provided, which is a scandal!), Is based on a quad core processor Pro, a 1000Hz flow engine, a retro- LED lighting with local dimming to sharpen the quality of contrast in dark scenes and offers a lot of features to customize the screen and make them more accessible and interactive Smart TV services.

Wi-Fi is obviously setting, as Firefox OS and Cloud TV Anywhere services (to program recordings remotely from a mobile device or watch recorded programs).

But it is the ability of the Panasonic TX-55CX740E to deliver a beautiful picture Ultra HD that hits immediately. Even with a single Blu-Ray or HD digital, inflation in Ultra HD shows relatively clean and efficient. It is obviously not reached perfection and accuracy of content in native HD Ultra, but the result is already very impressive. To this is added a discreet sound system, but made convincing.

Too bad it’s a bit expensive too.