Parrot Minikit Slim: test and review

A car accessory is destined to be beautiful, as was probably the idea of ​​the designers of this hands-free kit. Aesthetically, it is undeniably successful end and sober, it is also covered with a nice touch rubber.

No technological revolution on this new Parrot, this hands-free kit applies primarily to accomplish its task in the best way possible. The interface is simplified by voice announcements indicating the selected functions and the knob together with two keys proves good enough for a good grip.

A novelty anyway: speech synthesis. When the numbers stored in the phone book are repatriated by Bluetooth Minikit in memory, they can be accessible to the track. That is to say that it will be possible to call “John” by pronouncing his name vocally, without having previously registered the sound of his way before linking to this contact. The true voice recognition in all!

Situation, nothing wrong with the Minikit, its volume is sufficiently powerful and restitution was done without our sizzling LG Viewty. A minor complaint nevertheless, it is impossible to know the level of battery power, so that when it runs out, it’s always a surprise.

Best of all, it appears to 69 euros (at launch), a fair price and positioned in the middle of competing solutions Supertooth Voice and Jabra SP5050.