Payphones will only disappear if the mobile coverage is there

Last year, the Senate voted to dismantle most of the phone booths on French territory. The government has however promised that payphones are removed so common that their territory is effectively covered by the mobile network.

If one believes the state figures, it remains 65,250 payphones on French territory. These cabins, precisely, are being dismantled by Orange. too expensive to maintain, little used by the French, they do not serve much. The State has agreed to they finally disappear from the landscape, provided that the telephone operators undertake to cover in full by the end of 2016 all municipalities-towns centers. This was not the case last month, for example.

What happens when there is no antenna?

This dismantling is not without cause concern among some politicians. This is the case of Senator Roland Courteau, who asked the Minister of Economy, Emmanuel Macron, if the disappearance of payphones would not pose problems if unexpected power failure due, for example, in a disaster natural. The government, in an exercise that fluent, absolutely not answer the question, but nevertheless provides interesting information.

In fact, the government has responded to concerns especially to see some people completely cut off from any form of telephone communication. “The operator responsible for the payphone component of universal service has also committed that the deposit is subject to prior local information and the cabins within the universal service are withdrawn once confirmed the reality mobile coverage in the municipality concerned. ”

No mobile network, not dismantling

The answer is very clear, no question of removing payphones unhedged common in mobile network. As for those who will be separated from their cabins, the people should be warned through a public display (in the town hall, for example), or mail. The transition will therefore be smooth. It remains a question that the government answers: what do we do when there is no electricity and the network antennas do not work anymore?