PDA: Palm inflate your block

If your assistant is pale in comparison to the Palm moment, give it a boost by adding a few megabytes, optimizing the operating system or finally by increasing processor frequency. Follow the guide.

Adding Memory

expansion card connection and use of the unused flash memory used to add a few megabytes to his assistant and thus to increase performance.

Add a few megabytes to wizard storage capacity is the only operation in hardware. It is done mostly through expansion cards, with the notable exception of the M100 and M105 that do not have the correct port.

Certainly, they can be a bit tedious job but are accessible to all without cons-indication. Moreover, they allow boarding of 2 8 MB of additional data, a gain of 100 to 400%, according to the assistants. It is for example possible to carry around dozens of maps. This is what offers including MemorySafe Northstar Mobile. As a box that plugs into the port dedicated to synchronization with the PC, it is a 8 MB memory expansion that allows the storage of programs or data.

The old models doomed to stagnate

The use of flash memory available in some Palm is the second opportunity to increase the memory. It is not possible for Palm IIIx, IIIxe, IIIc, V, Vx, M500 and M505. Besides the old Palm Pilot, Palm III and III, the M100 and M105, as well as all the Handspring Visor without. In all cases in fact, the flash memory is not fully utilized.

Intended to update the operating system, it is never completely used and allows storage of data without being supplied with power. In return, it is not possible to write as easily on the Flash memory as the usual memory, so we must use a specific software such as Flash Pro FIT Product. Some programs and databases can also be saved, but it will not be changed. Thus, it is possible to transfer the implementation of the agenda on the Flash memory, it will however leave the standard memory data.

Finally, some stores propose to increase the internal memory of the Palm. But this operation is not within the reach of everyone and especially strongly discouraged because it alters the structure of the machine. It is certainly possible on all models, but it is expensive and, above all, voids the warranty.

System Optimization

An update of the operating system, adding a patch program to remove most of the bugs or the fact of playing on the display speed accelerate the Palm.

The updates offered by Palm are of two types. First, remedial programs commonly called patches. Always free, they are intended to eliminate the bugs. While Palm may qualify. In addition, new versions of operating systems. But to enjoy it, it will take an assistant equipped with Flash memory.

Another possibility to overcome Palm and contact others – rare – publishers such as 2Bitsoftware. His Quickbits software accelerates data display on the screen. To do this, it uses API (Application Programmable Interface) owners instead of those of the operating system to display information on the screen. The result is spectacular. The same well-filled address book appears in less than half a second against sometimes almost two seconds in normal times.


Increase the processor frequency undeniably accelerated computing power but decreases the battery life.

The overclocking very popular in the PC world is a less known practice on Palm while virtually no risk and do not require any special knowledge. This is to increase the processor frequency to gain in computing power. The only down size is that of a personal assistant CPU frequency is directly related to autonomy. The more spins, the more it consumes and therefore less battery last long.

The equation is simple: a processor that runs 30% faster consume 30% more and 30% deplete the battery faster. In return, it will also provide 30% more power. Programs, such Afterburner, allows selective overclocking. It is thus possible to accelerate some programs, increasing de facto autonomy.

The products tested

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Flash Pro FIT products

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Northstar Mobile MemorySafe

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