Pebble Time: KickStarter’s record fell

The Pebble Time has just become the best-funded project on Kickstarter platform, with over 14 million raised. It thus dethroned the Coolest Cooler Project had collected 13,285,226 dollars.

Make room in your new queen. Pebble California firm, which launched its new shows there is less than a week, just to get the prize for the most funded project in the history of KickStarter. With over 14 million raised, it relegates the Coolest Cooler Project – a cooler connected – in second place of the podium. The craziest thing is that now the gap is likely to widen considerably because there are still 24 days of funding for the Pebble Time. It could then easily exceed the $ 20 million participation.

In 7 days, therefore, more than 70 000 copies of the shows that have been pre-ordered by nearly 60 000 “backers”. The first Pebble watch was also known a huge success on the crowdfunding site, raising more than $ 10 million from nearly 70,000 future users while it only demanded a hundred times less money. Impressive.